Looney Tunes Super Stars Foghorn Leghorn & Friends from Warner Bros.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER GOTTA LAUGH TOGETHER: 15 Remastered, 14 Never-Before-On-DVD Vault Classics! “You’re in luck, fans – I say you’re in luck – luckier even than when I drew a fifth ace!” Foghorn Leghorn, that ever-courtly barnyard banterer, has something to crow about when these 15 remastered and 14 never-before-on-DVD cartoons. The rooster’s roster includes 9 Foghorn Leghorn shorts ranging from Foggy vs. Doggy (All Fowled Up) to educatin’ Egghead Jr. (Little Boy Boo) to hepcat beatnik jive (Banty Raids). Six more treasures from the vault keep the good times rolling, including befuddled Elmer Fudd’s celebration of his bwave, hewoic dog (A Mutt in a Rutt) and Goofy Gopher’s dog-daze antics (Gopher Broke). Don’t wait – gopher it. That’s almost a joke, son!