Lone Star (1952) from Warner Bros.

Will Texas be independent or a U.S. state? Ex-President Andrew Jackson recruits cattleman Devereaux Burke to travel through hostile Indian land, find Texas hero Sam Houston and persuade him to support annexation. In exchange, Burke will gain a contract to sell beef to U.S. forces during the war with Mexico sure to follow statehood. He’ll also garner something unexpected: the love of beauteous Austin newspaper publisher Martha Ronda. Clark Gable and Ava Gardner play the love-fated pair in this rugged semihistorical saga of Lone Star destiny. Standing in the way: Thomas Craden (Broderick Crawford), the ardent independence advocate and paramilitary leader who desires Martha for himself. Vincent Sherman directs. The top supporting cast includes Lionel Barrymore (as Jackson), Beulah Bondi and Ed Begley.

Deadly Tower (1976 Tv M) (Mod) from Warner Bros.

It’s the University of Texas campus in Austin, but it seems like a war zone. Gunfire resounds from everywhere. People fall. Others scramble to flee or help the wounded. Meanwhile, from atop the school’s landmark Tower, Charles Whitman fires off round after lethal round. The Deadly Tower is the powerful story of the 1966 event that was at the time the largest one-person murder spree in U.S. history. Kurt Russell, far removed from the lighthearted roles that then made up much of his career, portrays the murderous protagonist. The film’s heroes are others: police officers (including Richard Y?iguez as Officer Ramiro Martinez), rescue personnel and various brave civilians. They faced the worst kind of terror – one who was real.

Austin Powers 3-Film Collection (Dvd) from Warner Bros.

All 3 of the Austin Powers? Yeah, baby, yeah! Here come the birds (Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham, Beyonc? Knowles), the baddies (with Mike Myers as Dr. Evil and Verne Troyer as Mini Me) and big laughs of the mad, mod world of swinger superspy Austin Powers (Mike Myers). The hunt is on to find stolen mojo in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Disc 1). The agent is thawed, ready and randy in his debut flick Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (Disc 2/Side A). And he shakes disco booty and rescues his spy dad (Michael Caine) in Austin Powers in Goldmember (Disc 2/Side B). AUSTIN POWERS INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY – INCLUDES: ? Widescreen [16×9 2.4:1] Version ? Commentary by Mike Myers and Director Jay Roach ? Deleted Scenes, Including 2 Alternate Endings ? Theatrical Trailer ? Languages & Subtitles: English & Fran?ais (Main Feature. Bonus Material/Trailer May Not Be Subtitled). AUSTIN POWERS THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME – INCLUDES: ? Widescreen [16×9 2.4:1] Version ? Commentary by Mike Myers, Director Jay Roach and Co-Writer Michael McCullers ? Nearly 20 Minutes of Groovy Deleted Scenes ? Behind-the-Scenes Featurette Gallery ? Comedy Central Canned Ham The Dr. Evil Story ? 4 Music Videos: Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger, Lenny Kravitz’s American Woman, Mel B’s (aka Scary Spice) Word Up and Dr. Evil and Mini-Me’s Just the Two of Us ? Theatrical Trailers ? Languages: English & Fran?ais ? Subtitles: English (Main Feature. Bonus Material/Trailer May Not Be Subtitled). AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER – INCLUDES: ? Widescreen [16×9 2.4:1] Version ? FACT TRACK Trivia Subtitle Track ? Commentary by Mike Myers and Director Jay Roach ? Deleted/Alternate Scenes ? 4 Mini-Documentaries: MI-6: International Men of Mystery, Fashion vs.Fiction, Disco Fever and English, English ? The World of Austin Powers Featurette Gallery: ? Jay Roach and Mike Myers: Creative Convergence ? Confluence of Characters ? Opening Stunts ? The Cars of Austin Powers in Goldmember ? Anatomy of Three Scenes ? Visual F/X ? 4 Music Videos: ? Beyonce Knowles’ Work It Out ? Britney Spears’ Boys ? Ming Tea’s Daddy Wasn’t There ? Dr. Evil and Mini Me’s Hard Knock Life ? Theatrical Trailers

This Woman Is Dangerous (Mod) from Warner Bros.

This woman is tough. This woman is smart. This woman is Joan Crawford. This Woman Is Dangerous. Who else but Crawford could portray a criminal mastermind and a glamour gal? In this gritty melodrama, the silver-screen legend stars as Beth Austin, the brains behind a skilled robbery crew. She’s also the inamorata of callous killer and fellow gang member Matt (David Brian) – until a medical emergency sends Beth to a hospital and into the arms of a handsome, compassionate doctor (Dennis Morgan). Can Beth leave the past behind? Not if Matt – armed and crazed with jealousy – can help it. He wants Beth back. And he wants the doctor dead.

Airborne (Mod) from Warner Bros.

The way surfer dude Mitchell Goosen sees it, there are two kinds of people: those who surf and those who don’t. So when Mitch (Shane McDermott) relocates from surfside California to wintry landlocked Cincinnati, there’s just one thing he can do: put on skates and get Airborne!Mitch’s skates and principles are put to the test in this stylin’ comedy co-starring Seth Green (the Austin Powers and Family Guy series) and Brittney Powell. Members of Team RollerbladeO add awesome in-line skating stunts and the soundtrack is filled with hot tracks by Ugly Kid Joe, Jeremy Jordan, Steve Miller Band and more. To air isn’t just human, dudes. It’s necessary. Get Airborne!

Austin Powers Collection (Shagadelic Edition Loaded With Extra Mojo) (Blu-ray) from Warner Bros.

Austin Powers-International Man of Mystery Name: Austin Danger Powers. Sex: Yes, please! Combine the swinging ’60s, spy movies, talented Mike Myers in dual roles and one hilariously well- placed champagne bottle and you get Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Say “Yeah, baby!” for laughs as Flower Power-era superspy Austin (Myers) is thawed from a 30-year cryogenic freeze to stop the world-dominating scheme of bald baddie Dr. Evil (also Myers). Elizabeth Hurley, shagadelic style and Austin’s randy attempts to find ’60s-style free love in a very different, uptight time add to the groovy fun of this mad, mod, Myers world.Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me He’s back – back in the 1960s. Secret agent Austin Powers (Mike Myers) hops in a top-secret time machine and zips 30 years back to 1969 to confront Dr. Evil (Myers) and his latest, vilest scheme. Evil is eviler – he has a diminutive clone Mini-Me (Verne J. Troyer) and massive Fat Bastard (Myers) as a henchmen. Austin, who “put the grrr in swinger, baby,” is swingier.if he and fab spy chick Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) can recover the mojo Evil stole from Austin.Austin Powers in Goldmember The mission for Austin (Mike Myers): Shake booty into the glittery roller-disco days of 1975 and rescue his suave spy dad (Michael Caine) from the scheme of – Shh! – Dr. Evil (Myers). The minions: freaky-flakey Goldmember, Fat Bastard (both played by Myers) and Mini Me (Verne Troyer). The minx: Austin’s sassy ex-squeeze Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyonc? Knowles). The result: a three-for-all of grooviness that whisks from the 2000s to the 1970s and back to the 2000s – the screamingly funny third Austin Powers!