Vampire Diaries&Trade; Damon With Apple Poster from Warner Bros.

Exclusively ours, this Vampire Diaries poster features a stunning portrait of Damon Salvatore holding an apple, with blood trickling down his hand. This high quality poster comes in two sizes, 10 x 15 inches or 20 x 30 inches, and is suitable for framing.

Give A Girl A Break (Remastered) from Warner Bros.

When a temperamental star walks out of a big Broadway show, it’s time to Give a Girl a Break. But which of the hopefuls will land the lead? Suzy (Debbie Reynolds) brings pizzazz. Joanna (Helen Wood) offers swellegant sophistication. And lovely Madelyn (Marge Champion) is the director’s former dance partner and former love. This breezy backstager is memorable for its Burton Lane-Ira Gershwin score and for the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration of three legendary musical-world directors: Stanley Donen (Singin’ in the Rain) behind the camera and Gower Champion and Bob Fosse (future directors of, respectively, Broadway’s Hello, Dolly and Chicago) bringing dazzling dance grace and physicality to the other side of the lens.

Glinda The Good Witch&Trade; Exclusive Juniors T-Shirt from Warner Bros.

This GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™ t-shirt, from The Wizard of Oz™, features a image of Billie Burke as GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™ from the classic 1939 film. Printed on a 100% cotton white t-shirt and available in women’s sizes. Exclusively ours. Please note: This is a slim-cut Juniors size t-shirt style that runs smaller for a more fitted look. For a looser fit, we recommend that you order a size up.

Brothers Karamazov, The from Warner Bros.

Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov is given the Hollywood screen treatment in this sumptuous and colorful film. Lee J. Cobb, in an Academy Award®-nominated role plays Fyodor Karamazov, the wealthy father of four grown sons: Dmitri (Yul Brynner), a callous Russian officer; Ivan (Richard Basehart), the intellectual; pious Alexey (William Shatner in his screen debut); and half-brother Smerdyakov. Tensions erupt to a murderous end when libertine father and romantic son find themselves vying for the affections of the same woman, the wild Grushenka. Finding themselves adrift without the dark anchor that held them together, the four brothers must now find peace, each in their own way.

Loose Ankles/The Naughty Flirt from Warner Bros.

Comedy sails merrily along on a sea of bathtub gin with two Prohibition-era romps. Formidable comedienne Louise Fazenda makes an unlikely flapper in Loose Ankles, playing the disapproving aunt of free-spirited Loretta Young. But when auntie is tricked into getting a taste of speakeasy booze and attentive boy toys, the joint will jump! Douglas Fairbanks Jr. co-stars. The Naughty Flirt is kewpie-doll cutie Alice White, an heiress whose love life is a mess – thanks to vixenish villainess Myrna Loy, who sends her brother to steal the flirt away from her earnest fianc?. Will the romantic machinations put the dead-broke siblings in the money – or will true love triumph?

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante from Warner Bros.

Fresh from her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, seventeen-year-old Judy Garland is featured in this ninth film of the popular Andy Hardy series. Bursting with energy and talent, she and Mickey Rooney confirm why they were adored by millions of moviegoers. Filmdom may never find two more talented teens. The story finds young Andy dazzled by a picture in a society magazine of a glamorous debutante. When Judge Hardy’s crusade to save an orphanage takes him to New York City, Andy tags along in hopes of meeting his dream girl. But “The Big Apple” shows little sympathy for a cocky, small-town boy. Each one of Andy’s hairbrained schemes to break into high society backfires – with disastrous but humorous results. Finally, it’s his old pal Betsy Booth, a society girl herself, who lends Andy a hand – and a tuxedo. One of the most entertaining films in the series, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante features an added bonus: Miss Garland performing two excellent songs, Alone and I’m Nobody’s Baby.

Napoleon And Josephine: A Love Story from Warner Bros.

In this sweeping, epic true story, the romance between the most powerful man in the world and the woman who conquered his heart decides the course of Western civilization – Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story. Napoleon Bonaparte (Armand Assante), the brilliant general who leads France from chaos to become the most powerful nation in Europe, controls the fate of a continent as he commands a seemingly unstoppable army. The man with the strength and ego to proclaim himself emperor falls in love with Josephine de Beauharnais (Jacqueline Bisset), an older woman with two children. But after her death, his victories turn to defeat, and one of the mightiest empires in history crumbles.

Smilin’ Through from Warner Bros.

Based upon the 1919 Broadway hit, Smilin’ Through tells the story of a love that reaches beyond the grave, two generations of lovers finally united after the dark days of the first World War – one in life, the other in death. Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond play dual roles in this charming musical valentine of innocence and heartbreak in an age gone by. Brian Aherne costars as MacDonald’s elderly guardian, who has waited half a century to join his departed bride.Boasting a score full of melodies that have long been identified with the MacDonald mystique, Smilin’ Through is not just a keepsake for her fans, but a treasure for all who love beautiful filmmaking.

Green Years, The from Warner Bros.

From the author of The Citadel and in the grand epic tradition of MGM’s adaptations, The Green Years is the moving story of a boy’s difficult growth to manhood. When young Robert Shannon is orphaned, he leaves his home in Ireland and travels to Scotland, home of his maternal grandparents. Growing up in the home of his stern grandfather (Charles Coburn, in an Academy Award®-nominated performance*) is made bearable by his great-grandfather, loving grandmother and kind aunt and uncle. After a rocky adjustment to his new school, Robbie is befriended by Gavin and Allison, whom he grows to love. As the years pass, Robbie dreams of becoming a doctor. Supported by everyone in the family except his grandfather, he studies for a scholarship as a way to escape life toiling in the local boiler-works. Beautifully directed by Victor Saville (Green Dolphin Street), The Green Years is a classic for the ages. *1946: Best Supporting Actor.

Growing Pains: Return Of The Seavers from Warner Bros.

When parents Jason and Maggie Seaver decide to sell the family house, their children–Mike, Carol, Ben and Chrissy–conspire to stop the sale. As the elder Seavers place their home on the market, accept an offer and enter into escrow, they discover that they have very different ideas about their lives after the house is sold in the family comedy Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers.

Between The Darkness And The Dawn from Warner Bros.

Elizabeth Montgomery (Belle Starr) stars in the gripping and emotional drama about Abigail Foster, a woman who contracts a rare condition that puts her into a coma at 17. She awakens 20 years later to a world completely foreign to her. Chronologically, Abigail is a grown woman but emotionally she is still a teenager in fragile health. Now she must compress a lifetime of experiences and maturing into a few frightening months. Costarring screen legend Dorothy McGuire (The Enchanted Cottage) as Abigail’s mother and Karen Grassle (TV ‘s Little House on the Prairie) as her sister, Between the Darkness and the Dawn is a moving and touching film about a woman learning to live again.

Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story from Warner Bros.

Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched) stars as Blanche Taylor Moore; grandmother, churchgoing pillar of her North Carolina small town, and serial murderer, in this riveting true story that leads to the gas chamber. Childhood memories of her womanizing and abusive father fill Moore with a hidden rage towards all men. Her former boyfriend, first husband and father all died of arsenic poisoning. Now her fianc?, the town’s minister, is stricken the same way. Based on the book Preacher’s Girl: The Life and Crimes of Blanche Taylor Moore, and buoyed by Montgomery’s startling performance, Black Widow Murders will keep you on the edge of your seat till its final moments.

You’re Only Young Once from Warner Bros.

On vacation with his family on California’s Catalina Island, Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) falls head over swim fins for a sophisticated young beauty (Eleanor Lynn). Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) warns his son that she is too fast for him. But to Andy, that just means he should run after his golden girl a little faster! This sequel to A Family Affair, the enormously successful first Hardy family film, introduces the cast most often associated with the series (only Rooney, Cecilia Parker and Sara Haden appeared in the prior picture). Moviegoers took the whole Hardy clan to its heart – especially Rooney’s irrepressible Andy – and thronged popcorn palaces to share more warmhearted father-and-son wisdom leavened by laughs.

Clarence, The Cross-Eyed Lion from Warner Bros.

The king of the jungle needs glasses! Set at an African animal center, the all-family adventure that inspired the TV series Daktari features a valiant veterinarian (Marshall Thompson), heartless gorilla trappers, narrow escapes, lots of laughs and some of the most endearing animals who ever aced their screen tests. Among the merry menagerie: Doris the chimpanzee, Mary Lou the python, and of course Clarence, a genuinely cross-eyed lion who was as lamb-like off screen as on (a grumpier stunt lion filled in for attack scenes). “The best thing about the movie is the amazing work with this lion among all those human actors. Come to think of it, the actors are pretty amazing too” (Toni Mastroianna, Cleveland Press).

Daktari The Complete First Season from Warner Bros.

An orphaned baby elephant? A lion with a brain tumor? Call Dr. Marsh Tracy! This lovingly remembered show from executive producer Ivan Tors (Sea Hunt, Flipper, Gentle Ben) stars Marshall Thompson as a dedicated veterinarian who runs an animal research center in Africa with the help of his daughter, two courageous aides, a mischievous chimp and a cross-eyed lion named Clarence. Action, laughs and breathtaking encounters with exotic animals highlight the 18 Episodes of the Complete Season One as Tracy and his crew handle everything from poachers to diamond thieves to a raging fire that threatens the nearby game preserve. “Daktari” means “doctor” in Swahili, but for viewers it means uplifting family fun!

Life Begins For Andy Hardy from Warner Bros.

Big Apple, here he comes! Mickey Rooney returns as the All-American teen in this eleventh Andy Hardy film that surpassed each of the previous ten in popularity. Also back are Lewis Stone as Judge Hardy and Judy Garland in her third and final appearance as Andy’s pal, Betsy Booth. After graduating from high school, the irrepressible Andy heads for New York, giddy with visions of high finance, chic women and posh nightclubs. But the big city is tough on a small-town boy. Jobs are hard to come by. Broadway babies aren’t impressed by the boy’s gosh-and-golly charms – especially when his savings dwindle to a lone quarter. Then, too, Judge Hardy isn’t just a room away with his ever-present wisdom and moral support. Life Begins for Andy Hardy shines with the wholesome humor, swift pacing and top production values that marked the entire series. And it adds an unexpected touch: a true, heart-tugging examination of the troubles that confront an innocent lad whose dreams outweigh reality.

Bitter Sweet (1940) from Warner Bros.

Songbirds and lovebirds Carl and Sarah Linden (Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald) happily starve in a 19th-century Viennese garret, awaiting the day the world will cheer Carl’s operetta. But a lecherous baron (George Sanders, oozing caddishness from every pore) with an eye for Sarah and a taste for duels threatens to turn their hope to tragedy. I’ll See You Again, If You Could Only Come with Me, What Is Love? – Noel Coward wrote some of his subtlest, most poignant songs for the stage version of Bitter Sweet and America’s Singing Sweethearts give them screen immortality. Zigeuner, the grand finale, features MacDonald against a Technicolor® palette as delicate and dramatic as the leading lady herself.

Big Hangover, The from Warner Bros.

David Maldon (Van Johnson) nearly drowned during World War 2 – in a flood of brandy! Developing a condition known as “Liquor Recoil ,” David must avoid alcohol at all costs; the merest whiff makes him wobbly, and a quaff makes him crazy. Fortunately for David, he has a unique guardian angel watching out for him – his boss’ daughter, Mary (Elizabeth Taylor). Writer/Director Norman Krasna is famous for his modern fairy-tale romances, justly so, often building skyscrapers of screwball set-ups from one absurd element. Less noted, however, is his proclivity for wrapping the sweetness around a serious social issue. Little chance of that being overlooked in this Krasna film, the first of two Liz would do with Van Johnson, as midway through the story we veer off to directly confront racism and intolerance in post WW2 America. But don’t worry – there’s still the menace of company parties and toasts to keep the comedy coming.

Marvin The Martian Big Face White Exclusive Mug from Warner Bros.

Exclusively ours, this fun and colorful Marvin the Martian mug features an image of the Looney Tunes character’s face on one side and name on the other. This white ceramic mug holds 11 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage and is microwave and dishwasher safe.